May 17, 2024

Why I Lost Confidence in Paparazzi Accessories

Portrait of bling auntie with "Why I lost confidence in Paparazzi" written next to her.

Do we know the truth about heavy metals in their jewelry?

As a former Independent Consultant of Paparazzi Accessories, I used to believe that the company’s jewelry was lead- and nickel-free, as the founders, Trent Kirby, Misty Kirby, Ryan Reeve, and Chantel Reeve, had long claimed. However, after product testing conducted by accredited laboratories at the request and expense of other consultants, I have lost confidence in those claims and the safety of the products.

The results of multiple tests show that the jewelry contains levels of heavy metals that exceed the standards of consumer product safety. As a responsible seller and consumer, I cannot ignore the test results and risk the health and trust of my customers.

Even though in America, a person accused is innocent until proven guilty, I believe that the test results are compelling enough to warrant caution and action. Five class-action lawsuits and a counterclaim action were already pending against Paparazzi when on Thursday, April 6, 2023, the insurance company that is paying Paparazzi’s legal fees filed suit against the company itself. This is an extraordinary action that suggests a serious breach of contract.

I was so concerned about the matter that I streamed a live video on YouTube to explain the lawsuit and its implications for Paparazzi’s business and reputation. I also took further actions to protect and prepare my business for the possibility of an abrupt end to retailing Paparazzi’s products. However, my Independent Consultant Agreement was terminated by Paparazzi’s Compliance department ten days later, citing my disparaging remarks against the company and my selling of products below the mandatory price of $5.

While I respect the company’s right to enforce its policies and protect its interests, I stand by my decision to prioritize the safety of my customers and myself. I have removed all Paparazzi Accessories products from my ecommerce site.

The truth about heavy metals in Paparazzi’s jewelry must be brought forth through the legal process. As a society, we have the right and the duty to demand better and safer products from the companies we buy from and support. By sharing this information and taking responsible actions, we can prevent harm and promote transparency and accountability in the fashion industry.

Watch full statement and the presentation of the statement of Paparazzi Accessories here: